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Author Topic: APPROVED: Morbus Staff Application - Legacy  (Read 724 times)

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APPROVED: Morbus Staff Application - Legacy
« on: 27 May, 2015, 05:11:55 PM »

In-game name and all relevant aliases used while playing on our servers:
Legacy, Legacy the Duck.
Steam ID:

UTC -5

Main server you play on:


Admin Experience:

List any previous admin experiences you have had in the past:
DayZ Forum Moderator (Retired.), Musty Gaming Administrator, Divinity RP Moderator (Retired), Few years of Dark RP/Gmod Administration, Minecraft IRC Channel Operator.

List any traits that you have that you believe would make you a good modmin:
Patience, respectful, and understanding the line between warning and administrating. I've written up a whole post about what it means to be staff before and understanding that not every situation requires administrative action.

Why do you want to be a modmin:
I've been playing since 2014 on and off, I try to play morbus at least once every day if not every other day, I like the server and it's activity along with the community that comes with it, I want to help it out even further by offering my past experience and time to ensure everyone remains content in the server. I've had a few issues cross up when no other staff are available at the time to help out, this is my response to the issue.

Are there any issues that we should know about that may affect your performance as a modmin:
None at the moment, first time issues may crop up but only field experience will be the best teacher for issues.

Additional Information:
I understand that this isn't apart of the original format, but I would like to state the following to set an example for future applications.

Being a staff member within a community just isn't about receiving power, it's about representing the good name of the community by helping individuals and being recognized as the community's face. The main role and goal of a staff member's first priority should be to help the community and people involved wherever possible, while punishing or pushing administrative action should become a last resort.

The actions of what you do as a staff member will define who you are and what is reflected upon the community you're involved in, individuals will remember you through the experience they've had with you and the service that was provided to them, and eventually the reaction from your past actions will reflect and chain onto other members of the community or even friends of said individual. We're here to correct people in their wrong doing, not to punish them for a mistake that they've might of made.

Scenario Questions (Question 1 is mandatory - pick 2 others to answer):

1) You do not like working with another modmin. You and him simply do not get along. How do you handle this conflict of personality?
Continue to work with the other staff member until the situation improves, if the situation does not improve then confront them in private about our differences until a mediation is conducted. If the issue is not resolved, then a higher ranking staff member will be contacted and asked to mediate the issue.

2) You have banned somebody. Their friends are now harassing you about the ban. What do you do?
If said friends are harassing on the server, then I will state that they need to discuss this on their acquaintances ban appeal and that drama should not occur on the server. Further harassment will result in warnings along with contacting another staff member about the issue, and if necessary administrative action. (Kick preferably.) Outside of the server, they will be informed that their recently banned friend should make a ban appeal (If one has not been made already) and that they make take it up on the forums, if they feel that it is abuse then I will inform them that they may submit an admin complaint on the forums.

3) You observe your friend, a fellow admin, breaking a rule over and over. Resolve the situation.
Inform the other staff member that what they are doing is against our rules, and that they should stop what they're doing. A higher ranking staff member will be notified at the same time about the problem. I will not proceed with action against a same level staff member or higher.

4) A new player has joined the server for the first time, and it is obvious that they are new to Garrys mod and the gamemode you are playing. You have observed that the person has broken a few rules. Resolve the situation.

Attempt to speak directly to the player, let them know specifically what they did was wrong and tell them not to do it again, a link to the motd/rules will be posted in chat. I will then watch said player to see what else may crop up.

5) Four people are RDMd and three of them do not complain. One of them does complain. How would you handle the incident?
Address and mediate the situation with the player who has complained of RDM. During or after which, state in chat or broadcast to the server that rule breakers should be reported through the staff chat commands. (Or through whichever methods are available to the players.)

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Re: Morbus Staff Application
« Reply #1 on: 28 May, 2015, 02:00:27 PM »
I've been trying to encourage him to apply for staff for quite a long time now. He is an excellent player, dedicated, and because of his activity, will be a great asset to the server.


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Re: Morbus Staff Application
« Reply #2 on: 03 June, 2015, 05:19:14 PM »
I played with him multiple times on Morbus.  He is a great communicator and has past admin experience from other organizations.  He is friendly and also enforces the rules.  Thumbs up for me.

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Re: Morbus Staff Application
« Reply #3 on: 05 June, 2015, 12:56:48 PM »
I've known Legacy now for almost a year and I agree that he would make a great moderator. He has continually assisted in the moderation and population of the server and is a clear, level head player who plays by the rules. Not only has he exceed the hour requirement, but lately has been on the server almost everyday for the last month.  I think he fits the bill of what we look for in potential moderators and would make a great addition to the current staff.

Welcome Legacy


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